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Common Personal Injury Questions

Personal Injury Attorneys Serving Individuals in San Francisco Since 1980

Our team at Rouda Feder Tietjen & McGuinn is prepared to answer your toughest questions and help you receive the advocacy and help you need after a serious injury or loss in your family. We are proud of our legacy and we are committed to serving injury victims in the San Francisco Bay Area. On this page, we've compiled answers for questions individuals going through a personal injury claim often ask us. To learn more about how we could help, call our office at (888) 237-1979 and schedule a free case evaluation.

Read the following pages to learn more about each step of the process:

How can a lawyer help me?
Working with a trusted San Francisco personal injury lawyer is important. Representing yourself is not recommended, because these claims are highly complex. Insurance adjustors do not have your best interest in mind. Having an advocate on your side could make all of the difference in your case and consequently in your future.

How much could I recover?
This will depend on a variety of factors, including the severity of your injury, the circumstances that caused your injury, and how much your injury will affect your life in the years to come. This analysis cannot be completed without a full investigation of the facts of your case. Schedule a complimentary consultation at our office to receive a specific analysis from a seasoned professional on our team.

What makes a good personal injury attorney?
Look for a lawyer with experience and a reputation for ethical and effective representation both within the legal industry and the community at large. What types of accolades has the firm received? What is their track record? Ask for recommendations from close friends, relatives, colleagues, and / or medical professionals.

I don't think I can afford an attorney — what can I do?
At our firm, we do not charge an upfront hourly fee, and we often front litigation costs for our clients if necessary. If you do not recover, there will be no fee for our services whatsoever. If you do, our fee will be taken as a percentage from the final recovery. This levels the playing field, making it possible for everyone to have access to the courts to pursue the justice they deserve without the trauma of further financial strain.

When should I contact a lawyer about my case?
The sooner you speak with a lawyer after your accident, the better. Not only will this ensure that you avoid missing the deadline for personal injury lawsuits — known as the statute of limitations — but it will also enable your attorney to build the strongest possible case.