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Amusement Park Accident Sends 12 Children to Hospital

Twelve children and one adult were rushed to a hospital after a carnival ride malfunctioned at the Norwalk Oyster Festival in Norwalk, Connecticut. The ride, common at similar events, spins swings tethered to metal arms. The amusement park accident occurred when the ride stopped abruptly and the riders collided with one another.

This accident spurred a reexamination of amusement park safety standards. Pursuant to Connecticut law, portable amusement rides are only required to be inspected once a year. This varies from state to state, and some states — Alabama, Mississippi, Nevada, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming — do not require any oversight.

In this case, Stewart Amusement, the company that owns and operates this ride cooperated with authorities and produced evidence showing the ride was inspected two days before the accident. The company plans on disassembling the ride and having it reinspected.

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