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U.S. Amusement Park, Mall Rides Injuring Thousands of Kids Each Year

A new study has revealed that thousands of children in the U.S. are injured each year by mall ride and amusement park accidents. Thirty-three percent of the injuries occurred at amusement parks. However, the study found that children who use the popular coin-operated “mall rides” are more at risk for concussions or head, neck and face injuries. Over 4,400 children were treated at U.S. emergency rooms for ride-related injuries. Most injuries were the result of a fall. Researchers observed that many mall rides are surrounded by hard surfaces, such as pavement, and few mall rides have proper child restraints.

The researchers urge parents to “trust their insticnts” about the safety of a ride. They advise parents to avoid mall rides if they are over hard, unpadded surfaces or if they don’t have a seat belt.

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