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Food Truck Explodes Due to Propane Accident

The AP reports that a propane accident caused a Philadelphia area food truck to explode, critically injuring thirteen people.

The La Parrillada Chapina food truck was parked in Philadelphia’s Feltonville neighborhood and was open for business at the time of the accident. The 25-foot truck contained two 100-pound propane tanks to fuel its grills. One was in use at the time. Local police reported that a cloud of propane vapor enveloped the truck and was ignited by the grills inside the truck. The explosion caused a fireball that engulfed the truck, a nearby utility pole, and two cars that were driving by at the time of the explosion. Thirteen people were hospitalized, with five in critical condition. Among the injured are the owner of the truck, 42-year-old Olga Galdamez, and her 17-year-old daughter, Jaylin Landaverry. A relative told reporters that it was Galdamez’s dream to open a truck and had just opened it two months ago.

Investigators believe the propane leak that caused the explosion was from the unused tank, which was later found nearly 100 feet from the truck.

A surveillance video from a nearby business shows the dramatic explosion and ensuing fireball.

RFTM has obtained notable results for clients injured in propane accidents. We recently secured a $4.85 million settlement for the family of a man who was killed by exploding propane cylinders. Additionally, we urge consumers to brush up on propane safety, especially during the warmer months when barbecues are common.