Overfilled Grocery Bag Center of Wrongful Death Walmart Lawsuit

A Nebraska man filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Walmart, a plastic bag manufacturer, and a distribution company, claiming that an overfilled grocery bag ultimately led to his wife’s death.

Lynette Freis of Plattsmouth, Nebraska visited her local Walmart to shop for groceries. The cashier placed two 42-ounce cans of La Choy mixed vegetables and a two pound bag of rice in a single plastic bag. While walking to her car, the bag tore and one of the vegetable cans fell on her toe, causing a broken bone and a deep cut. Despite multiple rounds of antibiotic medication, the cut eventually led to an infection that spread through her body. The extent of the injuries required Lynette to undergo two surgeries and stay at the hospital over two months. Though she was ultimately released from the hospital, she died less than a month later.

The lawsuit, filed by her late husband, William Freis, alleges negligence in that Walmart failed to properly train employees on filling grocery bags or when they should double bag items. The suit claims that had her purchases been double-bagged, the defective bag would not have torn and Lynette Freis would not have sustained the injuries that ultimately killed her. Additionally, the lawsuit names the bag’s manufacturer, Hilex Poly Company, claiming that the bag was defective. Bunzle Distribution, the company that provided the bag to Walmart, was also named in the civil lawsuit. William Freis seeks nearly $657,000 to cover medical and funeral expenses, and an unspecified amount for pain and suffering by Lynette Freis, as well as the loss of consortium to her husband.

Randy Hargrove, a Wal-Mart spokesperson expressed condolences to the Freis family, but did not comment directly on the legal matter. Wal-Mart has not filed an answer to the allegations.

Full story here: http://dailym.ai/1aSFLLU