What Is the Minimum Insurance Coverage Required by Law?

Every owner of a vehicle in California must have car insurance. If you don’t, you can be ticketed and fined. But how much coverage does the law require you to carry? The answer is: Not much.

California Insurance Code § 11580.1b requires all drivers and owners be insured for the minimum limits of “15/30/5”; that is $15,000 for injury to each person with a maximum of $30,000 for injuries to more than one person. Drivers and vehicle owners must also be insured in the minimum amount of $5,000 for damage to property. Proof of insurance must be in the car at all times, in case of a traffic stop or accident. If a driver has 15/30/5 coverage, the driver is in legal compliance with the law.

While the minimum coverage amounts noted above have not changed since the 1970s, the costs associated with a car accident have. So it is often recommended and ultimately less expensive to obtain insurance coverage that is higher than the state minimum. That is because car insurance companies are only responsible to their insured for the amount of coverage purchased by the car owner. Any damages caused by the driver above the coverage becomes the personal responsibility of the driver to pay.

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