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Robert Schiro, Notorious Hit-And-Run Driver, Arrested for Another DUI

In 2009, Robert Schiro faced a judge in a hit-and-run case that left a bicyclist permanently disabled. Showing no remorse and denying responsibility, the judge sentenced him to a prison sentence, probation, and barred him from ever driving again. The case garnered wide attention due to Schiro’s careless attitude.

Schiro appeared in court in July for DUI charges, even though he isn’t supposed to be driving. On July 25, 2014, witnesses saw a visibly intoxicated Schiro get into an SUV in downtown Saratoga before ramming into a parked car. Schiro then drove home and plowed through his own driveway gate. Santa Clara County Sheriff’s deputies came to his home, where he initially denied responsibility for the vehicle damage, claiming it was his girlfriend driving the SUV. It was the same excuse he used in the 2009 case. When the deputies told Schiro that witnesses placed him in the driver’s seat, he replied, “Dammit, you got me.” The deputies then reminded Schiro that he wasn’t allowed to drive, to which he replied, “I’m stupid.” Schiro told the deputies that he had never been arrested before, and when the deputies told him that they knew of his previous DUI and hit-and-run convictions, he responded, “Oh yeah.”

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