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Beware of $9.84 Charge on Credit Statements

The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers about a seemingly innocent charge that is showing up on many credit card statements. The $9.84 charge may be connected to the massive Target security breach during the holidays.

The BBB announced that many consumers are complaining about an unusual charge of $9.84. Cyber security firms believe that Target hackers may be “testing the waters” with the small amount charged. Many consumers may not notice a charge of $9.84. Even more confusing, the charge may be listed as “customer support” with a phone number. When a consumer does notice the charge and calls the generic 1-800 number, a representative assures the victim that they will refund the amount. This prevents the consumer from reporting the charge directly to his or her credit card company.

The BBB says that any consumer who finds a $9.84 charge should alert his or her credit card company immediately and should not pay the charge. These consumers should request new credit cards, as scammers are likely to have your information and may use it again.

Three national stores – Target, Neiman Marcus and Michaels – announced data breaches, though it is not certain how many customers may have been impacted.

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