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Two Pedestrians Killed in Hit and Run Collision Outside Salinas Hospital

Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the two women killed in a hit-and-run collision by an intoxicated driver, Francisco Miranda, Jr.

Two women were killed when they were run over by a vehicle just outside a Salinas area hospital. The hit-and-run pedestrian accident occurred near Natividad Medical Center, located at 1441 Constitution Boulevard in Salinas.

One of the victims was treated at the Natividad Medical Center’s emergency room for intoxication. When she left around 7 p.m., she walked from the emergency room to the intersection of East Laurel Drive and Constitution Boulevard. She tried to flag down cars for a ride, then attempted to open the door to a vehicle stopped in the left turn lane. The vehicle took off, but the first victim, whose name hasn’t been released, fell to the ground.

While this was happening, a second woman tried to get the first woman’s attention because she left her backpack at the hospital. She was attempting to return the backpack to the first woman when she saw her fall to the ground in the middle of the intersection. The second woman ran out to assist the first woman. She was kneeling down when Francisco Miranda Jr., 23, struck both of them with his Ford Taurus. Miranda ran over both women before fleeing the scene.

Because the accident occurred just outside the hospital, they received medical treatment within minutes, but both died as a result of their injuries.

A witness to the accident knew Francisco Miranda Jr.’s mother and called her to tell her what had happened. Miranda’s mother came to the scene of the accident, where officers convinced her to call her son and have him return to the scene.

When Francisco Miranda Jr. arrived at the scene, officers noticed that his car had a strong smell of marijuana. Miranda then admitted to smoking marijuana and submitted to a blood test. His driving record shows two prior DUI convictions from 2013. The judge had previously warned him that if he killed someone while under the influence, he could be charged with murder.

Miranda was booked on two counts of murder, two counts of felony hit and run, driving under the influence, driving on a suspended license and violation of probation.

Any witnesses to this accident are urged to call Salinas police at (831) 758-7980.